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If you are willing to become a part of a team that may change your life and the society surrounding you - join our family. Together with us you will become a teacher that every child is dreaming of! You will become a part of our big family and we will help you on this path.


Our main goal is to create an environment for all students of our schools where every child can reach scientific, creative and sports achievements, communicate, make friends and just enjoy being a part of the community. We want our graduates to find their path in life, be happy and make the world a better place to live.

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Cambridge University Press (UK)
Cambridge Assessment International Education (UK)
IT Park (Uzbekistan)
Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools (Kazakstan)
El-Yurt Umidi Foundation (Uzbekistan)
Zamin Foundation (Uzbekistan)
Edu-Action (Uzbekistan)
Beştepe College in Ankara (Turkey)